YogaLean Transformational Journey with Nicole Bradley

“Because of all the things I’ve been through, I’ve always relied on faith. Things like chance meetings happen for a reason. I felt like God was speaking to me the day I met Kathryn and Beth.”
– Nicole Bradley


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Nicole has been struggling with weight loss for years.  She peaked at 289 pounds at age 20, and has plateaued at 260. She has had a very traumatic family life with an incarcerated father and deceased mother. Between homelessness and couch-surfing, she turned to drinking at an early age to drown her misgivings.

She woke up one day and realized that something had to change.

“This program is really taking me out of my comfort zone in a lot of ways. But it’s great because it’s pushing me to take accountability for myself. To do this is scary, and awesome.” -Nicole.


Through the YogaLean transformation, applying YogaFit exercise principles and an Ayurvedic regimen with Ayurway, we hope to help Nicole lose 30 pounds or more over the next 90 days. We will reflect on the progress of her journey at the YogaLean Retreat in Austin, TX, allowing her to continue with her momentum. Always striving for healthy choices and mindfulness, she hopes to be an example of the personal changes this program can manifest. We hope to see Nicole lose 100 pounds within a year… becoming physically, emotionally, and spiritually lighter!

Her fitness regimen is based on principles from Beth Shaw’s book YogaFit. By following safe exercise practices and using yoga and breathing exercises to speed up her metabolism, Nicole will introduce consistent activity into her lifestyle. Beth has created this program specifically for Nicole:

-Two 10 minute meditations every day on the third chakra, Manipura, using the seed sound Beeja, mantra Vam

-Cardio on an empty stomach 4 mornings per week

-Four Yogafit practices – YogaLean DVD & Yogafit Basics DVD

-Four 30 minute weight training sessions per week from YogaLean book

-Protein drinks after workout (recipes in book)

Being fit takes more than physical activity. Trainers often say 75% of work is in the kitchen. Kathryn Herbert and Ayurway have prepared a holistic nutrition plan supplemented by Ayurvedic treatments that will help Nicole in succeed in feeling healthy and shedding the physical and emotional weight she has been carrying.

Kathryn has prescribed an overall lifestyle change to help Nicole make this transition in body and mind. By analyzing and determining her body type according to Ayurveda, specific supplements and diet restrictions or additions have been set to ensure her success:

-Clear candida through Ayurvedic treatments

-Eliminate foods, thoughts and activities that will cause further build up of toxins and doshic disturbances

-Introduction of food and mantras that will provide optimal nutrition and balance

-Oral Ayurvedic herbal supplements to scrape the toxins away from deep tissue layers, and correct digestion so nutritive qualities available from foods may be absorbed by all tissues

-Ayurvedic herbal treatments to break up and liquefy lodged fat tissue bulk for removal and elimination


-Ayurvedic psycho-somatic counseling through yogic self realization awareness to treat causative factors of emotional eating

-General Ayurvedic education to give Nicole understanding of the nutritive value of whole, unprocessed, organic foods to nourish the system with prana

Combining these great programs, YogaLean and Ayurway will give Nicole the tools to help herself. This transformational journey will be an entire lifestyle change. By shining light into her life and dealing with trauma inside and out, the weight loss will come from healing and harmony. Bringing balance through daily healthy choices, she will begin to feel the changes and build momentum towards happiness. This is a blessing of an opportunity for YogaLean and Ayurway, and we are looking forward to bringing it all together in September at the YogaLean Retreat in Austin, TX.

Over the three months Nicole will be working with Kathryn and Beth directly, as well as YogaFit trainers to help her stay on track and learn the principles that are key to her success. Her progress and training will be documented through video diaries and segments giving our followers a first hand look into the YogaLean Transformational Journey and insight on Nicole’s own thoughts.

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We are excited to grow with Nicole and bring much needed change to her lifestyle. We are grateful for this opportunity to make a difference, allowing her to spread love and happiness in her own life and beyond.

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