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Why YogaLean Loves Purium

Yoga is a huge step in elevating self improvement, mind-body awareness, and learning to listen to your body. But so is nutrition. Eating right is incredibly important in getting the body healthy and more balanced.

For someone looking to lose weight and get in better shape, nutrition plays an even more crucial role. You can’t just do yoga or cardio while still eating the same high-fat, high-sugar foods and see weight loss results.

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So why is YogaLean such a big proponent of Purium products?

With YogaLean, you’re not just fixated on losing weight, you’re more concentrated on getting your body healthy. For me, I felt like the Purium products offered an incredible jumpstart in detoxifying the body, preparing it for a healthier, more holistic way of living.

I’ll be completely honest – I’ve never been the type of person who wants to do a cleanse – for 3 reasons:

1) I don’t want to lose my muscle

2) I like to eat

3) I want to have energy

What I found with Purium was far different than other cleanses I’ve tried in the past. For one, the powders and shakes use ingredients that are all natural and that pack a ton of energy and potency – ingredients that Chinese medicine and shamanic healers have been using for thousands of years. Their protein powders taste amazing, and I never feel like I’m limiting my body of essential minerals and nutrients when I’m taking the cleanse.

You’ll never find artificial ingredients in the Purium products. This includes NO

• Artificial colors

• Artificial sweeteners

• Artificial flavors

• Excipients and fillers

• Excess sugar

• Excess fat

The Founder of Purium and author of The Green Food Bible, David Sandoval is the mastermind behind the 10-Day Transformation Diet.

Purium has mastered the art of phytochemistry (the rejuvenating benefits of plants). By studying the ancient arts of Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Amazonian herbs, the shamanic healing arts of Native Americans, and other traditional aboriginal practices, they’ve captured the most potent whole food plant extracts from around the globe to repair your body at the cellular level.


These herbs have been revered for thousands of years for their purported ability to support the naturopathic principle that “the human body is capable of creating and supporting perfect health if given the proper tools.” No other company has such a complete holistic approach to food and nutrition.

Green foods are healing foods – they always have been and they always will be. Purim’s line of products contain ingredients such as cracked cell chlorella, red marine algae, organic spirulina, organic barley greens, organic kamut, and many more.

The first 10 days of the YogaLean Coaching Program is actually the 10-Day Purium cleanse. I built it this way, so that people can detox and lose weight quickly; then when they’re adding foods back in it acts as an elimination diet. So you can see what foods cause you gastric distress, what foods upset your stomach, what foods work with your body rather than against it. It’s a great way to jumpstart your weight loss while feeling rejuvenated and healthy.

This is a wonderful option for people who are maybe a little skeptical about doing a cleanse, but who want to feel better from the inside out.

We already know this, but it bears repeating: plants have amazing healing capabilities. Learn more about Purium and what it can do for you, by visiting their website, here.

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Twisting Poses to Cleanse and Detoxify

twist cover

Both athletic and restful, twisting poses offer wonderful benefits for the muscular and skeletal systems, preventing stiffness and injury by improving the spine’s range of movement. They are also extremely helpful in our efforts to detoxify physically and mentally, encouraging the inner organs to expel waste, thus clearing stagnant energy that impedes digestion and a peaceful, effective thought process.

I think of each twisting pose basically as a massage for the inner organs. The twisting motion literally wrings out impurities from the body’s systems, and the compression of the abdomen against the upper thighs increases healthy blood and oxygen flow for improved digestion, immunity, and hormone balance.

Spring is a time of year we when renewing energy and clearing space are particularly important. Here are three of my favorite basic twisting poses, accessible to people at any level of practice and very useful for purifying the body as we enter a new season!

Seated Spinal Twist

seated twist

Getting into the Pose:

From a seated position, extend your legs out. Bring your right knee up with the soul of your foot on the floor. Place your right hand next to you or behind you and sit upright. Beginning at the base of the spine, rotate to the right, bringing your left forearm around to hold your right shin.

Holding the Pose

Use core strength against your arm to deepen the twist. Lengthen your spine with every inhale; twist further with every exhale. Switch sides.


If your lower back rounds, sit on a rolled up yoga mat or folded blanket.

Take it to the next level: Use core strength to deepen the twist. Place your left elbow outside your right knee. Hold and breathe.

Twisting Chair

twisting chair

Getting into the Pose

Start in Chair pose. Lengthen your spine and place your hands in prayer position over your heart. Twist from the waist, placing your elbow on the outside of the opposite thigh.

Holding the Pose

Engage your core to support your lower back. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, twist. Keep your knees together as you release deeper into rotation.


Place one hand on the opposite thigh, the other on the lower back.

Take it to the next level: Place your bottom hand on the floor outside your foot. Reach up with your top arm as you roll your chest toward the sky.

Twisting Lunge

twisting lunge

Getting into the Pose

From a lunge position with your right foot forward, place your left hand on the floor close to the inside of your right foot. Stack your right knee over your right ankle. With a straight spine, sweep your right arm up, reaching toward the sky.

Holding the Pose

Press through your back heel. Keep your chest close to your forward knee as you twist from the waist. Look up. Switch sides.


Drop your back knee to the mat for a Kneeling Lunge.

Place your bottom hand on a block to help lengthen the spine for rotation.

Take it to the next level: Try a variation called the Twisting Prayer Lunge: Do a Kneeling Lunge, place your hands in prayer position over your heart. Rotate, placing the back of your arm against the outside of your forward thigh. Lift your back knee off the mat and look up for Twisting Prayer Lunge.

These are excellent poses for letting go of excess wintertime baggage in the form of stress or midline bulk and for alleviating back pain. If you suffer from issues with your back, be extra careful to come in and out of the pose gently and listen to your body’s needs. I recommend avidly incorporating these poses into your practice, especially if you are doing a cleanse, as they will support your body’s efforts to rid itself of impurities.