Simple Side Dish: Roasted Vegetables

Playing with food is fun BUT sometimes we do not have the time for the set-up and clean up involved in preparing a healthy meal. Rather than turn to packaged foods or take-out options, there are ways that we can make cooking fast and easy.

My refrigerator is stocked with seasonal foods. I go to one of the local farmer’s markets each week and purchase produce for the week. If you live in a community where there is not a local farmer’s market, try to purchase items on the Environmental Working Groups “Dirty Dozen” List organically grown if at all possible.

In my household I make larger portions than I need for one meal so that I have healthy leftovers.  Follow this recipe guideline and increase the volume to meet your family’s needs. This recipe is for 4 portions.

 Roasted Vegetables

Serves about 2

Cook Time: Cook for about 30 minutes (each oven temperature varies)


10 small red skinned potatoes

5 small sweet potatoes

1 red onion

3 large bell peppers (colors of your choice)

– Or use what is in season for you at the moment







– Use different vegetables from time to time


2– Pre-Heat oven to 350 Degrees

– Cut the potatoes into small wedges of approximately the same size so they cook at the same rate

– Cut the onion by hand or use a mandolin. A wedge about the width of your little finger is best.

– Cut the bell peppers into large wedges. Start by slicing off the top and removing the stem and inner seed core. Cut down from top to bottom tip. Cut again lengthwise to make into smaller wedges if you wish. You can make this as labor intensive or as simple as you wish!

– Place the cut potatoes and onions on a piece of aluminum foil (I use Reynolds non-stick so I do not have to add extra oil to make sure they do not stick).

– Place the peppers on another piece of foil. These will cook faster than the potatoes and onions and will need to be taken out of the oven first.

– Spray the veggies with a SMALL amount of oil to keep some moisture in them. Sprinkle with pepper…crushed red pepper if you wish to be adventurous.

– Cook for about 5-10 minutes – Check after 15 to 20 minutes. The peppers may be done. If they look as if they are starting to get dark, you know they are done.You know the onion and potatoes are done when the onions look to have softened and the potatoes have a bit of a crust on the outside.

3Serving Suggestions

Serve as a side dish to a sandwich/burger of your choice, lean chicken breast, pork chop, or piece of red meat.

Meal Upgrade

Dice up cooked protein (tofu, chicken, pork, red meat) or nuts into this dish. Serve on a bed of arugula.



Put in a bowl (or on a plate). You may wish to cut the peppers into smaller pieces.

Garnish with rosemary, parsley, basil, or arugula.


To make this more festive…use RED peppers near Valentines Day and GREEN peppers near St. Patrick’s Day.


The beauty of this is that all you have to do now is throw away the foil and wash the cutting board and knife.

As we all journey to incorporate YogaLean into our lives we need to find ways to eat healthy and not cause ourselves MORE work. Baking in the oven and using non-stick foil are easy ways to prepare food without added fats…and to SAVE TIME. Enjoy playing with your food and eating healthy!


ReneMacVayMy name is Rene’ MacVay and I am an E-RYT 200 (RYT 500 should be done in 2015). During the day I teach high school English, Speech, and AP Art History and in the afternoons and evenings I teach yoga, pilates, and personal train. My hobbies include reading and cooking. I love reading as I either gain knowledge or am transported to another time and place! I love cooking for the artistry and the creativity it allows me to express.

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