Return to the Mat

As mentioned in my book, YogaFit, my early days of practice were perhaps the most profound. I was laying the groundwork for many shifts – enjoying the opportunity to practice many different styles. What most people don’t know is that I threw myself into my practice with extreme vigor after ending a very long term relationship. In my early-mid twenties, I finally found the courage to walk away from my long term fiancé with whom I had been dating since my freshman year of high school.  Leaving him was perhaps the hardest thing I had ever done- but finding myself was more important.

Living on my own for the first time – I went to yoga constantly and no matter who I had plans with (and there were a lot of plans) my practice came first. Since that time my practice, my work, my dharma has obviously grown but I find that relationships ( at least in the way that I have been having them ) can be a big distraction from my practice, my calling and ultimately – myself. So here I am again – returning to the mat.

A shift and not one that was expected, requested or otherwise projected. Everything has shifted.

A group of us were talking tonight at dinner, just because we put on a mala, a scarf and chant, we are all still human. We are naturally flawed and beautifully imperfect.  “You are no greater for being a Buddha and no less for being a human being” Huang Po

However we can choose how to work on our positive qualities as well as our imperfections by engaging in the process of yoga, healthy living, honest reflection and trying to engage in what the Buddhists call RIGHT ACTION.

“Leaving him was perhaps the hardest thing I had ever done- but finding myself was more important.”

I am convinced that on the spiritual path we are often alone but never lonely, and to find long lasting partnership you must first find yourself. When the Universe wants you, needs you, demands that you grow, shift, transform and evolve so that you can be of service – you must listen to the call – and it points you in the right direction… and we must trust and pray and have faith.

So I am ever grateful to my practice, grateful to called again to wake up . Like Devorah said last week to us at the Donna Delory concert – “If it could be different, it would be different-  so shut up and be happy.”

I am grateful to the new friends and angels that have come to me in spiritual alignment – without effort, challenge or struggle. I am grateful to have so many exciting things on the horizon – I just need to keep lifting myself up to get there.  To rise to the occasion, the be better, to keep ascending.

Life offers us all so many opportunities to return to the mat. How many times do we take the opportunity to do so?

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