For some this is a quality, skill and trait that comes easily, for others like myself- not so much so.

I have never been a patient person.  Yoga & meditation have certainly helped me develop more of it but I often still find myself lacking…  I will on occasion remind myself to first and foremost be patient with myself.

Impatience means that you are coming from a place of scarcity- being impatient means you literally feel like there is NOT enough time.   If you can reframe situations and be in a place of abundance, you will find yourself more patient.  I am struggling with this again and I know its because it’s a lesson I need to.

I am triple type A and over achiever and suffer from the disease of being busy.  Patience does not thrive in these conditions.

I am born and raised in New York City. I moved to Los Angeles shortly after college to have a healthier life. I hated LA for the first few years.  It was big, sprawling and scary to me, but I was also learning about and dealing with new aspects of myself.

I sought sanctuary in a fairly quiet beach town where I started my business YogaFit a few years after the move.  After a while that small town mentality left me feeling boxed in and I moved to Beverly Hills. I lived in the hills for a few years and enjoyed the country feel with a close proximity to the city- my gym, shops and restaurants were a few miles away and yet I could hike and take pictures of flowers daily. It was a bit isolating but very pleasant. More change occurred and I moved again to the City of LA close to West Hollywood- a bit of an adjustment but I adapted. And more than adapted – I really fell in love with LA. I set my life up in the way that was perfect for me- I could walk to my gym, farmers market and several great restaurants. I got the perfect house and what I felt was an ideal location.

I had no idea that I would fall in love less than two years later and move back to New York.

Coming full circle, I am a thinker, I brood, pontificate and ruminate – too much so for my own good. As I strive to adapt and change again, I know I will only grow from this and need to remind myself daily – just to be Patient.

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