5 Yoga Poses That You Can Perform During a Busy Workday

Let’s be honest, we are all living extraordinarily busy lives. Between working more than eight hours a day at our job and trying to get all of our errands done, there is very little time left for exercise and relaxation.

Unfortunately there is a misconception that yoga can only be done on a yoga mat or in a gym, but that isn’t the case at all. There are many different types of poses and exercises that can be done literally anywhere, including an office. All you require is a little bit of personal space, a few moments of free time, and coworkers who aren’t judgmental!

By completing these five poses, you will get a solid workout that won’t eat up all of your time during a busy day. Each pose is designed to focus on different parts of your body and should be held for five-10 breaths.

1. Chest Expansion – For your abdominals and upper back

Standing, interlace your fingers behind your back and straighten your arms. Slowly raise your arms, bend your knees, and lower into a forward fold, leading with your chest.

2. Seated Spinal Twist – For your upper back and obliques

From a seated position, extend your legs, bring your right knee up with the sole of your foot on the floor, place your right hand next to you or behind you and sit tall. Beginning at the base of your spine, rotate to the right, bringing your left forearm around to hold your right shin. Use your core strength rather than your arm to deepen the twist.

3. Eagle – For your quads, glutes, and hip adductors

Wrap your top leg around your standing leg. Touch your toes to the mat or hook your foot behind your calf. Sit back with your hips, keeping your spine upright. Wrap your arms to touch your palms (or back of your hands) together. The top leg is on the same side as the bottom arm.

4. Chair Pose – For your quads, lower back, shoulders, abdominals, and calves

Bend your knees and drop your buttocks, as if sitting in a chair. For a challenge, come up onto the balls of your feet and sit a bit lower. Keeping your chest lifted, find a focal point and breathe. Practice lifting just one heel at a time.

5. Lying Down Spinal Twist/Supine Spinal Twist – For hip adductors, lower back, upper back, and obliques

Lie down on the floor and extend your left leg along the floor. Place your right foot on the floor and push to lift, then shift your hips slightly to the right. Use your left hand to gently draw your right knee toward the floor.

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