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7 Poses to Get you YogaLean for Spring!


Now that is it officially spring, it’s the perfect time to get more serious about your fitness goals and get in shape. In the coming months of warm weather and outdoor activities, you’ll want to feel comfortable and confident while lightly clad.

Temperatures and hemlines are rising week by week, so before we hit full-on bikini weather, I’ve put together some poses that will help you get toned in all the right places so that when the time for you to make your poolside appearance, you feel totally strong and confident.

Here are seven essential poses for more toned legs, core, and arms. Incorporate these poses into your practice every day this month, and reap the beautiful results to carry with you throughout the summer!

1. Chair Pose


Chair pose is an excellent workout for the lower body. It creates a lot of heat quickly, strengthening the quads, glutes, shoulders, and core. (Excellent for sculpting toned thighs!)

2. Warrior III


This pose will fire up the muscles in the back of your legs, toning the glutes, hamstrings, and calves, as well as your core. This one is great to shape and firm your butt.

3. Half Moon


This pose is excellent for strengthening the side body from tip to toe, focusing in on your side body and outer legs. Your hips abductors, and obliques will thank you especially, and you balance will improve.


4. Boat Pose


This pose is one of yoga’s great keys to a flat belly. It does wonders for your lower, upper and middle abdominals, strengthens hip flexors, and improves balance.

5. Plank Pose


This pose fires up the entire front body, targeting your abs, quads, and pectorals. To firm the chest, belly, and upper legs, try holding this pose for a few extra breaths during your vinyasa flow before dipping into chaturanga.

6. Cobra Pose


This pose is wonderful for toning the upper, middle, and lower back. If you like wearing backless shirt and dresses, make this pose your new your best friend! Be sure to focus your upward-moving strength in your back, placing very little pressure on your hands and arms.

7. Sunflower Pose


This pose is great for awakening the body and generally increasing energy, and it’s also amazingly affective for toning and increasing range of motion in the shoulders. It will help you look amazing in a tank top, and decrease your risk of suffering a strain when you’re tossing a Frisbee on the beach!

Each of these poses are fantastic for activating your summer body, and reducing any extra bulk or tension you may have built up over the winter. When you go to your next yoga class, try asking your instructor to include one or more of these poses in the day’s practice, or try them at home to prepare yourself to meditate or even while you’re watching TV!