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7 Ways of Using Essential Oils for Weight Management

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Essential oils have myriad health and mood benefits, some more familiar than others. Most of us have heard of the calming effects of lavender and the invigorating effects of peppermint, but we seldom consider the fantastic support these and many other essential oils can add to our weight management efforts.

There’s no reason to wait for a special occasion to benefit from the transformative powers of essential oils. I love to incorporate a variety of oils in my daily life for many purposes. Below are a few of my favorite tricks for using essential oils to encourage weight management. I especially like our partner’s oils because you can inhale them, apply them to your skin, and ingest them.

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1. Peppermint oil has a powerful ability to awaken and stimulate the system. It offers a terrific boost in energy and an excellent alternative to that sugary snack or excess cup of coffee that, while providing a quick fix, will soon lead to a crash. I love to put a few drops of peppermint oil in my water to wake up in the morning. And, before I go on a run, I massage a couple drops into the back of my neck for alertness and endurance. Peppermint is an excellent aroma for greeting a new day!

2. Eucalyptus oil, like peppermint oil, has a powerfully enlivening effect. It’s perfect to keep on your desk, dot a little on your wrist, and treat yourself to an inhale in the middle of a tiring workday.


3. Lemon oil has a bright, fresh flavor that elevates the mood. It is also an excellent detoxifying agent, working to alkalize the body and purify the liver. I like to use it to flavor my drinking water.

4. Cinnamon oil can be used as a sweet treat in your coffee that tastes indulgent while remaining lean. It’s an excellent, aromatic alternative to the sugar-packed seasonal lattes we tend to see at Starbucks.


5. Ginger oil has a sweet and spicy aroma. Ginger in itself has often been known to have a positive effect on digestion. I like to pair this with lemon oil in water or juice for delicious and detoxifying support.

6. Lavender oil is deeply relaxing and known to reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone that makes us hold on to extra weight. Its calming properties are very conducive to meditation– I love to dab some on the scarf I wear while meditating. You could also drop a little in a hot bath or on your pillow to promote deep, peaceful sleep, another crucial component of weight management.

7. Grapefruit oil is purifying and energizing, producing an alkalizing effect in the body. This oil makes a refreshing and highly beneficial addition to your water, especially if you’re doing a cleanse.

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These oils help ensure our success in weight management by enhancing our mood and energy level. They are integral daily elements to any weight management process: easy to incorporate, simple to use, and wonderfully effective. For further detail on the health properties of these wonderful oils, visit BethShaw.com.