Principle 7:

We are human. We make mistakes. We fall, we get up, and often times we fall again. Life is not a linear path, but more akin to the roads in India. The first time I traveled to India, I was amazed at the road from Delhi to Rishikesh (where we host our YogaFit retreats). It’s filled with cows, trucks that often break down, rickshaws, motorcyclists – many times crowded with four people – and bicyclists. Sometimes it takes up to 10 hours for a journey that should only take four hours.

This is just like life – it’s bumpy and messy.

Instead of getting on a treadmill where you beat yourself up for failing, forgive yourself and acknowledge the good work you are doing towards your goals. One slip does not mean you should give up. If you get off the road and have a detour, remember that with grace, focus, and forgiveness, you can get back on the road to health.