Principle 2:

I believe there is a direct correlation between maintaining an orderly household and maintaining your ideal weight. If you are getting ready to embark on a weight loss program or feel stuck, I suggest the following action plan to clear the clutter and take back your energy. Many times we become hostage to our own possessions. But all matter takes up space and energy. If we have too much stuff around, it can deplete our energy. If things are in disarray, we may be spending excess time trying to locate items or even move them out of the way.

If Saucha (Cleanliness) is our goal, it needs to translate to our physical space as well as our body.

Space. We all need it and want it on some level. We need space in our schedules to exercise, practice yoga, prepare healthy food, and meditate.

Yoga gives us both physical and mental space. Your environment may be in need of this space.