YogaLean Coaching Module 1

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Finally a holistic approach to weight loss and weight management – the YOGALEAN Coaching program – Not just a diet but a way of life.


Spend a week with Beth Shaw, author of YogaLean and special guests exploring total health and wellness the YogaLean way at the Ancient Yoga Center in Austin, TX.


* Learn how to lead YogaLean weight loss clinics in your local area
* Discover new ways to motivate and retain clients
* Create a multifaceted holistic plan tailored to each Ayurvedic body type
* Explore healing options, supplements and clean eating programs
* Uncover your inner coach and become a better person
* Participate in a variety of healing rituals
* Manifest your vision to help others with their struggles


In order to complete the YogaLean Coaching program, upon completion of this intensive participants will be required to conduct practicals in their own community.  With successful completion of those practical hours, as well as some online course work,  participants will be certified as YogaLean Coaches and featured on the YogaLean website.


Marketing resources will be given to coaches as will strict guidelines on how to run YogaLean trials in their own community.


An additional retreat / weight loss clinic will run concurrently for those wishing to bring a partner, friend or family member – this track will be lead by several teachers, including Beth Shaw.  Registration coming soon.


Mandatory Prerequisite: Two Day YogaLean Training


Dates of the retreat are September 26-October 3, with check-in on September 25. Rooms are charged separately. Each room night includes 3 meals daily. Please see the chart below and click here for more details regarding the different room types. Please email to indicate what type of room you prefer.


Available Spots

30 available



Early Bird: $1,995 (ends 07/01/15)
Regular: $2,595 (ends 09/25/15)
Late: $2,700


ACCOMMODATION RATES (includes all meals & snacks)

Rooms with shared hall bath:

3 + people

Rates per person per night: $90

Total room price: $720


2  people

Rates per person per night: $105

Total room price: $840


1  person

Rates per person per night: $125

Total room price: $1000


Rooms with private attached bath:


3  people

Rates per person per night: $100

Total room price: $800


2 people

Rates per person per night: $110

Total room price: $880


1 person

Rates per person per night: $135

Total room price: $1080


For participants not staying overnight:

Commuter Fee and meals: $65/day ($520 total)


To register, click here. For more information regarding your stay at the Retreat Center, click here.


YogaLean is a lifestyle. Much like the YogaFit training program, Beth Shaw has
committed to a YogaLean coaching program to teach willing instructors how to coach
others on living with Lean Consciousness.


The YogaLean 100-Hour Coaching Program will consist of: 

**Pre-requisite: YogaLean 2-day Training
**Level One YogaFit is highly recommended

YogaLean Essentials- The Wheel of Health


Substance Process and Food Addiction


Optimal Weight and Health Management for your Dosha


Nutrition and Supplements for Weight Management


Coaching Techniques


After successful completion of a test, the Coaching Certificate will be awarded to Coaches. Each year, they will need to have their CEC’s updated and be a member of Moving forward, we will market all our coaches on


More information:

1-2 YogaLean Immersions will be hosted in 2015. Our first one will take place in Austin, Texas from September 30 to October 8. Here, coaches can get their 100 hours in 9 quick days!



Several Mind Body Fitness Conferences will also hold 4 day & night sessions. Coaches can earn up to 50 hours at each conference toward their 100-hour Certification.



The 12-Week Coaching Program for clients can be administered by the YogaLean Coaches.



More information to come – stay tuned!